Dropped Calls a Big Problem for ATT

by Jeff Reeves | May 5, 2010 1:04 am

Wireless provider Verizon’s (VZ) subscribers report the lowest number of dropped calls and the highest rates of customer satisfaction in the industry.  But not so AT&T (T). A new survey by ChangeWave Research shows dropped calls are a growing problem for AT&T, while its customer satisfaction is lagging that of its industry rivals Verizon, Sprint Nextel (S[1]) and T-Mobile — a subsidiary of Deutsche Telecom (DT[2]).

Specifically, in a ChangeWave March survey of 4,040 U.S. and Canadian wireless subscribers, Verizon customers reported only 1.5% of their calls being dropped over the previous 3 months – best among mobile service providers and Verizon’s best rating ever in a ChangeWave survey.

Conversely, AT&T recorded its worst rating ever in a ChangeWave survey, with AT&T customers reporting an average of 4.5% of their calls dropped over the previous 3 months.

Sprint came in at #2 with an average of 2.4% of its calls dropped, and T-Mobile #3 with 2.8% of its calls dropped.

The level of dropped calls correlates closely with customer satisfaction with their wireless providers, according to the ChangeWave March survey.

dropped calls Dropped Calls a Big Problem for ATT

verizon vs att dropped Dropped Calls a Big Problem for ATT

Verizon remains the clear leader in customer satisfaction with 49% of its customers surveyed saying thay are “very satisfied” with Verizon’s service. This is in line with previous ChangeWave surveys — including a January 2010 survey where 50% of Verizon customers said they were “very satisfied”.

Again, Sprint ranks #2 behind Verizon, with 35% of their customers surveyed saying that they are “very satisfied” with their Sprint Nextel service – up from 27% in January.  Deutche Telecom’s T-Mobile is tied with AT&T for last place. For both companies, only 23% of their customers surveyed say they are “very satisfied” with their wireless provider.

service provider satisfaction Dropped Calls a Big Problem for ATT

Click here for the complete ChangeWave Wireless Survey[3] findings.

About ChangeWave: ChangeWave Research is an independent research boutique that identifies and quantifies changes in consumer spending, corporate purchasing, and industry and company trends through a weekly series of large sample surveys.   ChangeWave tracks the rate of change in demand trends by surveying its network of 25,000 accredited business, technology and medical professionals – along with early adopter consumers – working in more than 20 industries. ChangeWave provides its results through a weekly subscription service of published reports to institutional and corporate clients. ChangeWave Research is a subsidiary of InvestorPlace Media, LLC,

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