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7 Businesses That Need Weed, Sex and Gambling

Sin stocks are big profit makers, even in troubled times

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More than 30 years ago, Billy Joel first told the world that he would rather “laugh with the sinners than die with the saints. The sinners have much more fun.” And that same philosophy often applies to investing. Sin stocks can be much more fun for your portfolio than sleepy companies that go nowhere.

Sinners want everything their heart desires, whether they can afford it or not, and that allows for some big profit potential. Think of it this way: Gandhi wasn’t a big spender and neither was Mother Theresa. Donald Trump, on the other hand, has no qualms about buying what he wants when he wants it.

Sin stocks also survive even the hardest time. Prostitution is called the world’s oldest profession for a good reason. A close second and third in that race may be purveyors of intoxicants, followed by those who entice others to play games of chance.

Some may argue that profiting from sin is a sin itself. We’ll leave that debate for the philosophers – even though governments do plenty of that through taxation and regulations. But if you’re on of those without such qualms , check our list of the seven most sinful stocks that even the most saintly among us might want to add to their portfolio.

stripper2Planet Platinum Ltd. (ASX:PPN): Is it strange that shares of this Australian brothel are sold on the open market? Perhaps. What’s even stranger is that the company, which calls itself the largest and most exclusive bordello in the Southern Hemisphere, pays a dividend. At just 15 cents a share, the stock is a heck of a lot cheaper than the company’s services. But take note it only trades in Australia.

Rick’s Cabaret International Inc. (NASDAQ: RICK): Shares of the operator of 23 adult nightclubs and two naughty websites have barely budged this year. Maybe it’s a sign that the economic rebound is weak or that people are staying home where there is oodles of free Internet porn with no cover charge. But you can bet that Rick’s isn’t going anywhere – at least as long as folks like to watch nude dancers. Which, in case your wondering, is “forever.”

medical marijuana 630pxCanabis Science Inc (PINK:CBIS):  Sorry marijuana fans, most pot stocks are worth pennies. This one, though, seems more interesting than most. Denver-based Canabis Science describes itself as a “ pioneering U.S. biotech company developing pharmaceutical cannabis (marijuana derivative) products.” A February press release from Canabis Science claimed that its extract treatments killed cancer cells – a dramatic assertion. With a market cap of under $6 million, this company may be a tempting buyout target if its claims can be verified.


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