Southwest’s Planes Will Get a Makeover

Lighter and brighter are the bywords for Southwest's planned interior redesign

Southwest’s Planes Will Get a Makeover

southwest new interior 2012 630 300x200 Southwests Planes Will Get a MakeoverBy midyear, Southwest Airlines passengers should start feeling the LUV even more, according to a report.

As part of a planned year-long renovation of many of its planes’ interiors, Southwest Airlines Co. (NYSE:LUV) will add brighter colors, more room under the seats for carry-on bags and a one-inch-less recline — the last being kind of a good news/bad news move, promising less intrusion by the seat in front of you, though also a limitation on your own recline.

Of course, the redo isn’t all about you: The thinner, lighter seats will allow space for an extra row, yielding seats for six additional paying passengers — a 4% expansion of capacity.

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