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Valentines for the Federal Reserve – On Twitter, Anyway

#fedvalentines is a fun Friday distraction


On Friday, Twitter was abuzz with financial advisors, journalists and investors having some fun with the Federal Reserve and the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday.

As if the financial media has nothing better to do.

Using the hashtag #FedValentines, a host of people – including the Fed’s official twitter account for its San Francisco branch – spouted off.

Here are some of my personal favorites:

  • I’d like to borrow you overnight and then hold you to maturity. – Alan Beattie, of TheFinancial Times, Twitter account @alanbeattie.
  • I’ll always be your dual mandate. – Eddy Elfenbein, of the blog Crossing Wall Street. Twitter account @eddyelfenbein
  • My love is elastic, my commitment too big to fail– Official San Francisco Fe account, @SFFedReserve
  • After a romantic stroll down Maiden Lane, I just want to jump into your ARMs – Marketplace radio’s Heidi Moore, Twitter account @moorehn
  • The impact on economy and markets of the problems in the subprime market was likely to be contained. But not my love for you. Paul La Monica, CNNMoney editor, Twitter account @LaMonicaBuzz
  • I only have eyes for you. And inflation. But mostly you. – Eric Nelson, editor at publisher Wiley & Sons. Twitter account @ericatwiley
  • You had me at QE1. – NPR’s Planet Money, Twitter account @planetmoney
  • Your absence has a material and adverse effect on the flows from my trust – a NY securities lawyer, @amaeryllis

If you can’t have some fun with monetary policy around an overly commercialized holiday like Valentine’s day, then you just have no sense of humor.

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