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Google Begins Work on Its Top-Secret Lab

The facility's focus will include mobile applications and wireless technology for the home


It’s always tough for large tech companies to remain on the cutting edge. That’s why they often buy fast-growing startups.

There is something else that’s common among tech giants: building massive R&D labs. One of the most famous was Xerox PARC (NYSE:XRX), which created the computer mouse, the graphical user interface and networking — back in the 1970s! Unfortunately, the company didn’t know how to market this stuff — but Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) Steve Jobs did.

Well, it looks as though another tech behemoth is starting a lab: Google (NASDAQ:GOOG). While the project is considered secret, there already seems to be lots of information about it. The facility will cost $120 million and will be located near Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, Calif.

And yes, it will pursue some ultra-cool ideas. A big focus will be on wireless technologies, especially with applications for the home. It looks as if this could prove helpful for Google’s Android@Home set of offerings. Other projects will involve the use of rare gasses. (I’m really not sure why, actually.)

Interestingly enough, Apple is also building a lab. After all, it will definitely need to find massive breakout technologies to keep up its amazing growth.

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