9 Small Businesses With Big Wins in 2011-12

These small business have made a big impression on consumers


Just because a business is considered small by some standards, that doesn’t mean it can’t make a big difference in the lives of consumers. According to Consumer Goods Technology, many small-to-midsized consumer goods businesses — revenue equal to or less than $1 billion — are standouts when it comes to leveraging key business strategies.

CGT highlighted nine such companies that have exceeded exceptions. Here’s a look at the small-business superstars and their biggest wins for 2011-12.

Happy Family

Number of Employees: 73
Year Founded: 2003
Biggest Win: Developed Happy Munchies — a baked vegetable and cheese snack with choline to aid brain development


Number of Employees: 22
Year Founded: 1984
Biggest Win: Created RE-SOLVE Multi-Tools — multi-tools designed for specific professions or hobbies


Number of Employees: 225
Year Founded: 1952
Biggest Win: Updated inventory software that enables it to keep up with the high volume of orders it receives for its Mrs. T’s Pierogies

Vera Bradley

Number of Employees: 2,016
Year Founded: 1982
Biggest Win: Upgraded its supply chain to quadruple its shipping volume

Massimo Zanetti Beverage, USA

Number of Employees: 525
Year Founded: 2005
Biggest Win: Created a sales, inventory, operations and planning group (SIOP) to better balance supply and demand.


Number of Employees: 1,200
Year Founded: 1970
Biggest Win: Implemented infrastructure upgrades that lead to better customer service

Smart Balance

Number of Employees: 110
Year Founded
: 1986
Biggest Win
: Focused on three growth markets that led to expanded growth and popularity

Enjoy Life Foods

Number of Employees: 75
Year Founded: 2001
Biggest Win: Refreshed the look of the packing for each of its 32 products


Number of Employees: ~ 350
Year Founded
: 1845
Biggest Win: Added 310,000 square feet of production, packaging and distribution space

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