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Hack Google, Earn $20,000

It's raising the reward for hackers who report vulnerabilities


Ever want to hack a website? Well, if Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) is your target, you could get some money if you succeed. Legally, too.

The search giant is offering $20,000 to hackers who can penetrate its online services, Forbes reports. If, that is, the hackers tell it how they succeeded.

Hackers represent a potent threat to Internet business like Google, which can have critical information and trade secrets stolen through unauthorized access. And encouraging hackers to report security vulnerabilities to the company may prove more cost-effective than trying to discover them using company resources.

The new award is a boost from Google’s previous standard $3,133.70 payout for security breach discoveries. Forbes notes that the increased payment signals that the lower amount didn’t attract enough hackers.

At the Google-sponsored Pwnium hacking contest last month, the company posted a $60,000 reward to anyone who could breach its Chrome browser. When two hackers succeeded, Google paid them, and then revised Chrome to prevent similar attacks.

Google says rewarding hackers improves its security by highlighting flaws it might otherwise have missed.

Still, not every hacker is willing to confess his or her methods. Some hackers told Forbes that people who found flaws in Google’s security could make a lot more money selling that information to others online.

You can read the terms of Google’s offer by clicking here.

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