The Best Grocery Items to Buy in Bulk

Expert advice on what products are worth buying a lot of


The Best Grocery Items to Buy in Bulk

To buy in bulk or not to buy in bulk? That’s the question for many frugal grocery shoppers who want to save a few bucks, but don’t want to land on an episode of Hoarders.

According to a Fox Business report, here are six items that experts recommend purchasing in bulk.

  • Paper products: Toilet paper, napkins and similar products are cheaper in bulk. Since there’s no expiration date, you don’t have to worry about them spoiling in your pantry.
  • Vitamins and medicines: Good deals on vitamins and over-the-counter meds can be found at warehouse stores. Many popular drugstores also offer coupons and discounts on these items.
  • Wine: Since wine gets better with age, it’s a good idea to pick up several bottles of your favorite brand when it’s on sale.
  • Meat: Obviously, meat has a short (refrigerated) shelf life. But if you have the freezer space, you may want to take advantage of your grocer’s next weekly meat sale.
  • Packaged foods: If your store is running a special on canned goods, cereal and other packaged items, you might want to stock up, especially if you have coupons.
  • Batteries: You never know when a battery will die. So when they’re on sale, buy…buy…buy.

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