Top 5 Food Trends 2012

Smaller portions of dessert are the current rage


Top 5 Food Trends 2012

The 2012 National Restaurant Association Show took place this week. The event highlighted the latest happenings in the restaurant industry. Here’s a look at the top five food trends that were featured during the show, according to Nation’s Restaurant News.

  1. Miniature or single-serving desserts: Smaller dessert potions are becoming more popular among consumers. The petite sizes also give chefs a chance to customize each creation.
  2. Indulgent desserts: Decadent desserts like premium ice cream and specialty cookies are also trendy.
  3. Customizable coffee: Many display booths belonging to coffee suppliers featured single-serve coffee machines.
  4. Southeast Asian flavors: Tastes of Southeast Asia, like dishes with sweet chile sauce and coconut milk, were also popular.
  5. Sustainability: Since more and more consumers are interested in eco-friendly items, so are many restauranteurs.

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