Restaurant ‘Forced’ to Charge $450 a Waffle, Blames Groupon

by Angela Nazworth | July 24, 2012 3:27 pm

Millions of people adore daily-deal site Groupon (NASDAQ:GRPN[1]). Craig Nelsen, the co-owner of Back Alley Waffles[2] in Washington, D.C. is not one of them.

In fact, the artisan waffle-maker blames Groupon for the closing of his restaurant. Customers can still buy waffles from Nelsen, but at a whopping $450 a pop. It’s a price he says he’s forced to charge because of Groupon’s “bloodthirsty” practices.

Here’s the notice Nelsen posted on the waffle joint’s website.

450 Waffle Restaurant Forced to Charge $450 a Waffle, Blames Groupon[3]

Nelsen isn’t the only merchant angry with Groupon. You can find out why other business owners are miffed with the company and read what Groupon has to say about the $450 waffles at The Atlantic[4].

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