10 Most Hated Industries in America

For the first time in a long while, the government doesn’t top this list

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10 Most Hated Industries in America

#6: Electric and Gas Utilities — Pct. negative rating: 38%

electrical worker 10 Most Hated Industries in AmericaThe electric and gas utilities industry can’t seem to catch a break. Positive overall opinion dropped from 38% to 34% in the last year. Regarding municipal utilities in particular, ACSI ranks the industry poorly as well, with a score of 73, ranking seventh from the bottom. Utilities companies have a public history of energy shortages, brownouts, manipulating regulations to solidify monopolies and a poor environmental record. More recently, rising energy costs could be generating dissatisfaction among the public. In ASCI’s most recent company ranking, Long Island Power and Northeast Utilities received the two lowest scores in the survey.

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