Microsoft’s Kinect Price Drop Might Signal Kinect 2 Release

by InvestorPlace Staff | August 24, 2012 10:36 am

Fans of Microsoft‘s (NASDAQ:MSFT[1]) Kinect awoke to good news Friday as the motion-sensing input device for the Xbox 360 dropped $40 in price.

Kinect, originally sporting a $149.99 price tag, is now being sold for $109.99. The reduction, according to a post on Xbox Live programming director Larry Hryb’s blog[2], is permanent and has led many to speculate that Microsoft will unveil a Kinect 2 alongside the Xbox Infinity when the company releases Windows 8 in October. Kinect 2 is rumored to be compatible with the new operating system.

In addition to the price drop in North American, Latin American and Asia Pacific markets, Hryb reports that a similar change in price will occur in Australia and New Zealand on Oct. 4. The price will remain the same in Japan, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Ryan Hauck, InvestorPlace

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