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Record Gas Prices: A State-By-State Look

As prices hit seasonal highs, some states are worse off than others


The end-of-summer blues have spread to the gas pump. Gas prices, after sinking steadily in the spring, recently spiked to seasonal highs — and consumers aren’t so happy.

Nationally, the average price of gasoline is around $3.72 per gallon — a huge jump from the $3.57 it sat at a year ago. Prices yesterday, for example, were the highest ever on record for that date — and more daily records are expected to be set as that trend continues. By Labor Day, the cost per gallon could reach $3.75.

Southern states and parts of the Midwest still have the lowest prices.  South Carolina is the cheapest place to fill up your tank, while Montana, Wyoming, Utah and Idaho all saw prices fall year-over-year.

Hawaii, on the other hand — which always suffers from high prices at the pump thanks to its non-mainland location — is facing $4+ gas, while mainlanders California and Illinois are seeing similar sticker shock.

Still, prices in the most expensive states still haven’t reached the 2008 high of $4.11, and prices are expected to fall soon after Labor Day.

Below is a state-by-state roster of average gas prices from AAA’s Daily Fuel Gauge Report, listed from most to least expensive:

State Price   State Price   State Price
Hawaii $4.231   South Dakota $3.747   Idaho $3.643
California $4.119   West Virginia $3.744   Oklahoma $3.586
Illinois $4.012   Pennsylvania $3.729   Montana $3.585
Connecticut $3.994   Indiana $3.727   Virginia $3.578
Washington $3.982   Ohio $3.719   Louisiana $3.554
Oregon $3.981   Delaware $3.711   Missouri $3.548
D.C. $3.953   Minnesota $3.710   Texas $3.546
New York $3.944   New Hampshire $3.709   Utah $3.540
Alaska $3.920   Nevada $3.702   Wyoming $3.532
Michigan $3.883   Maryland $3.693   Arkansas $3.528
Wisconsin $3.881   North Carolina $3.682   Alabama $3.519
Maine $3.834   Kentucky $3.675   Colorado $3.517
Rhode Island $3.817   Iowa $3.673   Tennessee $3.499
North Dakota $3.789   Florida $3.665   New Mexico $3.489
Massachusetts $3.756   Kansas $3.655   Mississippi $3.485
Nebraska $3.750   Georgia $3.652   Arizona $3.464
Vermont $3.750   New Jersey $3.649   South Carolina $3.438

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