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10 Biggest Gas Guzzlers on the Road

If you're looking to keep costs down at the pump, these are the worst cars to own

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#8: 2013 Bentley Continental GTC

  • MPG: 14
  • Engine type: gasoline
  • Car type: all-wheel drive, subcompact
  • Fuel cost per year: $4,300
  • Sticker price/base model: $191,400

In spite of finding a place on this list, the 2013 Bentley Continental has better gas mileage than its 2012 counterpart due to its downsizing to a smaller twin-turbo V-8. This Bentley variant, although capable of reaching 60 mph in five seconds, also prioritizes luxury and comfort. It has seating for four, automatic convertible fabric and all-wheel drive. Bentley is known for producing high-end convertibles, but the Continental GTC does not have the handling or exotic style of a Lamborghini or Veyron, making it one of the few contenders on this list that is neither a sports car nor an SUV. Somehow, it is still only capable of a combined gas mileage of 14.

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