10 Biggest Gas Guzzlers on the Road

If you're looking to keep costs down at the pump, these are the worst cars to own

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mercedes benz g550 10 Biggest Gas Guzzlers on the Road

#5: 2013 Mercedes-Benz G-550

  • MPG: 13
  • Engine type: gasoline
  • Car type: all-wheel drive, SUV
  • Fuel cost per year: $4,600
  • Sticker price/base model: $113,000

The Mercedes-Benz G-550 was first conceived in 1979, and originally designed for military use. Today, it represents Mercedes’ fusing of off-road versatility with the luxury style that the company is known for. According to an Edmunds Review, the G-class is attractive for its massive power, luxurious interior and tank-like presence. On the other hand, its unwieldy handling, limited front leg room, very tall roofline and abysmal fuel economy limit this vehicle to a relatively small group of consumers. The fact that Mercedes offers heavy-duty armor plating as a special option confirms our suspicion that the G-550 SUV does not really make sense for the average consumer. Rather, this vehicle probably will attract consumers with disposable incomes and preferences for relatively safe, high-end luxury SUVs. The cost, however, is fuel economy that does not get much worse.

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