1 in 7 People on Planet Own Smartphones

by Nate Wooley | October 18, 2012 9:25 am

1 in 7 People on Planet Own Smartphones

Smartphones are taking over. A new study by Strategy Analytics[1] shows that more than 1 billion people are now using smartphones in their daily lives. That’s more than 1 in 7 of everyone on earth.

The trend began with the introduction of smartphones by Nokia (NYSE:NOK[2]), reports Bloomberg[3]. Things truly heated up with Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL[4]) and its iPhone, Research In Motion’s (NASDAQ:RIMM[5]) BlackBerry and the phones based on Google’s (NASDAQ:GOOG[6]) Android system such as Samsung’s Galaxy.

Some highlights of the study:

More on the smartphone wars:

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