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6 Sad Stocks That Should Shear Their CEOs

Study says baldness can give you a leg up in business

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Jeff Bezos Amazon The Wall Street Journal recently ran an article that is creating some (literal) buzz about corporate heads.

According to the WSJ, a new study shows that baldness actually is an advantage in the business world — it creates the perception of dominance, masculinity and can make age harder to pin down.

Don’t believe those are good things? Just look at Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) CEO Jeffrey Bezos. His bare head might not be the envy of Wall Street, but his booming stock sure is.

The perception isn’t just good news for the baldies, though; it’s also a simple (and cost-efficient) solution for companies that need a new direction. With just a pair of clippers, these six struggling companies can give their leaders makeovers for success:

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