Ann Romney Fills Costco Cart for $137.50 to Feed 30

by Christopher Freeburn | October 26, 2012 11:46 am

Ann Romney took a camera crew shopping[1] at Costco (NASDAQ:COST[2]) and purchased enough food to prepare a full meal for herself, her husband, her five sons and their families — a total of 30 people — for just $137.50.

The wife of former Massachusetts Governor and GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney hit Costco’s aisles as part of an appearance on the Rachel Ray Show, the Daily News noted.

Using her own membership card, Romney purchased rotisserie chickens, large quantities of berries, frozen cream puffs and fresh greens, among other items.

Later on, in front of the camera in Ray’s studio, she made meatloaf cakes, opting to knead the meatloaf with her fingers while she reminisced with Ray about the early days of her marriage and her battle with multiple sclerosis.

The appearance on the popular morning TV show is part of an effort by the Romney campaign to boost the candidate’s standing with women.

Costco co-founder James Sinegal is an Obama supporter.

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