Faulty ATM Gives Out Extra Cash, Draws Crowd

by Christopher Freeburn | November 20, 2012 11:02 am

[1]An ATM in Glasgow, Scotland, became very popular with bank card holders after it began dispensing extra cash over the weekend[2].

Customers who attempted to withdraw cash on Saturday discovered that the Lloyds Banking Group‘s (NYSE:LYG[3]) Bank of Scotland machine was giving out twice the amount requested, BelleNews noted.

As word spread, dozens rushed to withdraw funds. A picture of the ATM, and the line of customers waiting to get their cash, was posted on Twitter, drawing more people.

Police were called after a crowd formed around the ATM. The police cordoned off the machine and notified bank officials who shut down the malfunctioning ATM.

The bank indicated that customers who withdrew extra cash would probably not face any consequences since it was unlikely to accurately trace the exact amount of cash dispensed at each withdrawal.

Shares of Lloyds Banking Group rose fractionally in Tuesday morning trading in New York.

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