Post-Campaign Mitt Romney Spotted at Gas Station

Observers said he looked disheveled as he filled up his car


romney6666 300x282 Post Campaign Mitt Romney Spotted at Gas StationMitt Romney was spotted purchasing gas at a La Jolla, Calif., gas station this week.

Fresh off his loss to President Obama in the election earlier this month, the former governor of Massachusetts and GOP standard bearer was described by observers as looking “tired and washed up,” the Digital Journal noted.

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Romney’s Theory on Why He Lost Election

A photo, allegedly taken at the gas station, was posted on Reddit, showing a man who strongly resembles Romney wearing a heavily creased shirt and pants. The man has somewhat unkempt hair and appears to be staring at the person taking him image.

Media commentators noted that the former presidential candidate appeared “frazzled” and “the worse for wear” in the image, in stark contrast to his fresh and well-pressed appearance during the campaign.

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