San Francisco Mulls Nudity Ban

by Nate Wooley | November 19, 2012 1:25 pm

[1]San Francisco elected officials are considering enacting a ban on public nudity in the traditionally free-swinging city.

The ban, if enacted, would further restrict the rights of San Franciscans to be nude in public, reports the Los Angeles Times[2]. Last year, restrictions were put in place covering nudity in restaurants and on public benches.

The new efforts to curb nudity come during a time when more and more people are appearing without clothing in the city. While the supervisors seemed to be fine with the occasional strolling citizen sans clothes, the sudden jump in those in the buff has led to the new ordinances.

The ban wouldn’t be universal, however. Smaller children will still be allowed to be bare. And at certain events, such as Fetish Fest, the clothing-optional Bay-to-Breakers race and various Pride Parades, nudity would still be permitted. But a general air that clothing is optional at all times and places would be frowned upon.

The proposed ordinances have brought about the expected backlash. Protesters have staged demonstrations and “nude-ins” on the steps of the City Hall objecting to the laws.

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