Scientists Create First ‘Perfect’ Invisibility Cloak

by Christopher Freeburn | November 12, 2012 2:07 pm

chemical-stocks_185[1]Scientists at Duke University have devised a way to completely conceal a small object[2], marking yet another step toward building a real-world invisibility cloak.

A variety of methods have been developed to partially cloak objects, but none so far have succeeded in completely eliminating clues that reveal the illusion in visible light, TG Daily notes.

The Duke researchers, who produced their first cloaking technique in 2006, have developed a new way to conceal the reflection of light around the edges of the cloaked object.

Right now, the new technique only works in two-dimensions, but the team is hoping to eventually make it work in three dimensions.

In order to mitigate reflections, the team built a device comprised of strips of copper-etched fiberglass. The strips bend and reflect light around the concealed object with only a small loss to reflections.

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