Couple Kidnaps Handyman for Home Repairs

by Nate Wooley | December 7, 2012 11:06 am

[1]Two people in Morgan Hill, Calif. are facing felony charges after they allegedly kidnapped a local handyman and forced him to repair their house.

The couple, Jason DeJesus and Chanelle Troedson, lured the handyman to their home Monday. After he arrived, the couple beat him, threatened his life and forced him to make repairs around the couple’s 4,600 square foot home, according to CBS 5[2]. Among the repairs were a dishwasher and a broken door.

The man’s ordeal lasted more than six hours. He escaped when he was being transported by the couple to a relative’s home to perform more repairs. When the kidnappers stopped to fill up the truck, the handyman escaped and told police. The couple was then arrested.

The handyman had a previous experience with the couple. After performing repairs for DeJesus’ mother two months ago, the couple and the mother complained. The mother didn’t like the quality of the work done and only a partial payment was made.

The couple faces charges of false imprisonment, kidnapping, assault with a deadly weapon and conspiracy.

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