LEGO Builds a Boy’s Discontinued Dream

by Nate Wooley | December 6, 2012 10:19 am

[1]LEGO — the Danish maker of toy building bricks — has made the holiday bright for an autistic boy in Massachusetts.

James Groccia of Boylston, Mass., has wanted the special Emerald Night Train LEGO set for more than two years, reports The Boston Globe[2]. When his parents declined to buy it, believing that the set would prove too difficult for James, he began saving his own money to purchase it. However, when he finally saved the more than $100 cost of the set, he found that LEGO had stopped making it.

James then sent a letter to LEGO, both to its American office in Connecticut and worldwide HQ in Denmark, asking if any were left in stock someplace. LEGO responded with a letter saying there weren’t. But a few weeks later, a package arrived at the Groccia home containing the set from the company.

James’s reaction has gone viral on YouTube[3].

The company hasn’t sought publicity for its actions. A LEGO release says only, “We’re really humbled by the family’s gesture to share this moment, and we’re happy to see joy-filled news spread so far.”

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