The 10 Most Valuable Baseball Cards

by Nate Wooley | December 28, 2012 11:56 am

Baseball cards have been hot collectibles for more than 100 years.

But which of them have the most resale value?[1] has just unveiled a list of the most valuable baseball cards of all time. Remember, throw the gum away. It just hurts the resale value of your favorite players.

Here’s 5 of the most valuable cards around[2]:

See the rest of the top 10[8].

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  2. Here’s 5 of the most valuable cards around:!/eddie-plank-1909-1911-t206_431/
  3. Eddie Plank:!/eddie-plank-1909-1911-t206_431/
  4. Shoeless Joe Jackson:!/joe-jackson-1910-t210-red-border_432/
  5. Ty Cobb:!/ty-cobb-1911-1914-general-baking-co_436/
  6. Mickey Mantle:!/mickey-mantle-1952-topps-282-000_438/
  7. Honus Wagner:!/honus-wagner-1909-1911-2-8-million_441/
  8. See the rest of the top 10:!/honus-wagner-1909-1911-2-8-million_441/
  9. Rare Baseball Cards Found in Attic Might Bring Millions:
  10. Investors Make Big Profits Trading in … LEGOs?:

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