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10 Ways American Culture Will Change in 2013

These trends promise to have an impact on the way we live


Mindshare North America has released a new study about how American culture will change in the new year.

While it doesn’t make exact predictions, it says certain larger trends can be indentified, CNBC reports. A growing economy and newly released technology, such as smart TVs, are among the things that will have an impact on how we live in 2013.

  • Americans Refresh and Rebuild: The growing economy will provide Americans with a chance to start rebuilding after several years of economic troubles.
  • Two Americas: The growing partisan split demonstrated in last year’s election will continue.
  • Celebration of Everyday Life: A new focus on the small, day-to-day things that make Americans happy.
  • Surprises: More Americans will be trying new things in a more upbeat world.
  • Life Gets Easier: A growing economy means easier living and a chance to relax.
  • Home Creativity: New technologies will allow more people to work and create at home.
  • Disappearing Internet: New devices will incorporate connectedness, making the Internet less obvious.
  • 24/7 Shopping: Again, new devices connected all the time will allow Americans to purchase goods anywhere, anytime.
  • More Fact-Checking: Growing cynicism will lead to more double-checking of  assertions made by politicians and corporations.
  • Global Warming Is Back: After years of extreme weather, global warming will return to the discussion.

The complete study is available on mindshareworld.com.

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