CNNMoney: 10 Things You’ll Pay More for in 2013

This list includes mailing a letter, watching TV and food


3381885 money in the hands e1283372289994 CNNMoney: 10 Things Youll Pay More for in 2013CNNMoney has compiled a list of the things you can expect to pay more for in 2013.

Not surprisingly, food is prominent on the list. Consumers should expect to see higher prices for meat and dairy products. But they should also plan to spend more to send items through the mail and ride public transit. Watching satellite TV will also be costlier in 2013.

Here are five of CNNMoney’s list of 10 things that will cost more this year:

  1. Steaks, hamburgers and bacon
  2. Satellite TV
  3. Tickets to baseball games
  4. Milk, eggs and cheese
  5. Public transit
food hungry plate 200x133 CNNMoney: 10 Things Youll Pay More for in 2013
Wegmans Freezes Food Prices for Hundreds of Items

You can see CNNMoney’s entire list, complete with details, at its website.

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