Bones Found Under Parking Lot Are King Richard III’s

DNA, battle wounds confirm the king's identity


Bones Found Under Parking Lot Are King Richard III’s

richard iii Bones Found Under Parking Lot Are King Richard IIIsThe set of bones found under an English parking lot last year are those of King Richard III.

The king, made famous for the ages by William Shakespeare, had lain beneath the ground in Leicester for 500 years, reports the Associated Press. Scientists at the University of Leicester have confirmed the skeleton is the body of the deposed king.

Richard III was the last English monarch to die in battle. He died in 1485 at the Battle of Bosworth Field trying to defend his crown against Henry Tudor. Both battle wounds and a DNA test confirmed the identity of the skeleton. The skeleton’s DNA was matched with that of Michael Ibsen, a carpenter living in London who is known to be a relative of the sister of Richard III.

The finding of the bones caused some surprise among historians. For centuries, it has been believed that the king was buried in Leicester, but the location was unknown. Preserved records say he was buried at the Grey Friars monastery, but its location was lost when Henry VIII closed all the monasteries in 1538.

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