Deep South Diet Linked to Soaring Stroke Risk

Fried chicken, ham and sweet tea increase negative health outcomes


fried steak and gravy 300x168 Deep South Diet Linked to Soaring Stroke RiskA new study presented at the International Stroke Conference in Hawaii indicates that traditional southern foods increase the risk of stroke.

The study — presented by Dr. Suzanne Judd of the University of Alabama — is the first to study the effects of southern cooking on strokes, reports The Los Angeles Times. Judd reported that many aspects of southern cooking — such as fatty foods, high-sugar drinks and salty foods — all lead to increased stroke risk.

The research covered more than 20,000 people, both white and black, over age 45. The subjects had medical assessments done and self-reported their eating habits between 2003 and 2007. Those who ate a traditional southern meal more than six times each week had a 41% greater stroke risk. Such a diet also showed that blacks are 63% more likely to suffer a stroke than whites when eating a southern diet.

The issue is not geographic, though. While most of the study participants reporting a southern diet lived in the south, at least one-third of them did not.

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