Forbes: Best Places to Retire in 2013

by Nate Wooley | February 27, 2013 12:32 pm

retired couple boomers 630 300x200 Forbes: Best Places to Retire in 2013[1]A new list by Forbes shows the best places to retire in 2013.

Forbes assembled the list — which is not ranked — by comparing more than 400 cities and regions. Each was ranked by factors such as crime, cost of living and outdoor opportunities. In all, the list has 25 locations in 16 states.

Here’s a sample[2]:

To see the full list, go here[13].

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  1. [Image]:
  2. a sample:
  3. Charlotte:
  4. Prescott:
  5. Ames:
  6. Jacksonville:
  7. Baton Rouge:
  8. Fargo:
  9. Lexington:
  10. Bangor:
  11. Medford:
  12. College Station:
  13. go here:
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