Top 10 Highest Paid NFL Players

Dwight Freeney, Elvis Dumervil lead the list


Top 10 Highest Paid NFL Players

dwight freeney 300x197 Top 10 Highest Paid NFL PlayersWith Super Bowl XLVII in the history books and the Ravens hoisting the trophy, thoughts turn to the offseason — where free agents file and try to win big contracts.

Some players already have huge paydays, though. Take a look at the top ten from a new list of the 100 highest paid NFL players.

  1. Dwight Freeney: $19,035,000
  2. Elvis Dumervil: $18,948,000
  3. Peyton Manning: $18,000,000
  4. Chris Long: $16,360,000
  5. Sam Bradford: $15,595,000
  6. Philip Rivers: $15,310,000
  7. Jared Allen: $15,203,194
  8. Trent Williams: $14,000,000
  9. Michael Vick: $13,900,000
  10. Larry Fitzgerald: $13,250,000

The rest of the list can be seen at CelebrityNewWorth.

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