Billionaire’s Daughter Allegedly Posted Drug Deal on Craigslist

by Nate Wooley | March 26, 2013 10:43 am

heroin[1]The daughter of billionaire Peter S. Kalikow has been arrested by authorities in New York City.

Katheryn Kalikow — along with her boyfriend Brian Whalen — allegedly advertised on Craigslist that she had heroin for sale, reports The Daily Mail[2].

The alleged ads said that the drugs were for “high quality diesel pain relief.” Court documents also say that the ad said it was selling, “stamps, diesel, H train, dope, bundles, tickets, dog food.” Each of those is a slang term for heroin.

The two were detained on Sunday after they allegedly agreed to sell the heroin to undercover police in the Bronx.

Katheryn Kalikow’s father is a powerful man in New York City. The billionaire real estate developer is a past head of both the Port Authority and the Metropolitan Transit Authority. He also was once the publisher of The New York Post.

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