Farm Rich Frozen Foods Recalled for E. Coli

by Nate Wooley | March 29, 2013 9:47 am

farm rich[1]A food recall is being sent out by Farm Rich snack foods.

The recall — which covers thousands of packages — is related to E. coli contamination, reports The Chicago Tribune[2].

The recall is related to an outbreak of E. coli caused sicknesses. In 15 states there have been 24 cases of the illness and 8 of the afflicted reported eating Farm Rich foods prior to falling sick.

The items being recalled include more than 200,000 pounds of the company’s frozen chicken quesadillas, mini pizza slices, philly cheese steaks and mozzarella bites. Tests on a sample of the chicken quesadillas in New York state showed contamination with the strain of E. coli causing the illness.

Questions and concerns should be addressed to the company by calling (888) 220-5955 or by visiting the company’s website[3].

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