Man Creates First Oreo Separator Machine

Oreo maker Mondelez using social media to spread the word


Man Creates First Oreo Separator Machine

oreos Man Creates First Oreo Separator MachineA man has invented a machine to separate the two halves of an Oreo cookie.

Mondelez (NASDAQ:MDLZ) is promoting Davdi Neevel — described as a physicist and copywriter — in the first of its social media-oriented “Cookie vs. Creme” campaign, reports ABC News.

The video shows Neevel in his workshop with the machine. In it the machine — made out of aluminum scraps, wire, wood and a motor — uses a hatchet to separate the two cookie halves and then a router to abrade the crème that remains on the cookies.

Neeval calls his machine the “OSM.” He says it’s just an acronym without any special added meaning. He has suggested a few slogans such as “Let’s get that crème out of there,” and “This creme’s no good; get it off the cookies.”

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