Watch Out! Mila Kunis Is in Stocks!

by Nate Wooley | March 15, 2013 11:40 am

mila kunis[1]Actress Mila Kunis is beginning to invest her money in the market, and for some, that’s apparently the signal of the beginning of the end for the red-hot market.

Kunis — who is currently starring in Oz the Great and Powerful — says she previously had simply put her money into bank accounts and certificates of deposit, reports CNBC[2].

While she won’t divulge which stocks she is buying, the actress did lay out a bit of her philosophy: “I’m an advocate of like put things in the bank, put it in a CD (a certificate of deposit), be safe,” she told CNBC. “And I’ve been pushed kind of forward to take chances and then learning a little bit about the stock market and companies.”

Some investment watchers took to Twitter to comment on her announcement. Many have taken it as a signal that the market has topped out. Examples of these tweets are:

“When people like @FoxonStocks and @RealMilaKunis start talking stocks, we are normally at the very end of a bull market.”

“@financakrobat @kelly_evans @cnbc :wasn’t it Rockefeller’s shoe shine guy in the 1920s who got him out of the market with a similar comment?”

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