5 Most Valuable Comic Books

Superman-, Batman-based comics still lead the pack


superman dc comics 630 300x200 5 Most Valuable Comic BooksEveryone has that tale of the childhood comic book collection that could have set them up for life.

Most of it’s nonsense, of course, but there’s a grain of truth to the belief that some old comic books are worth a fortune. Online wealth tracker Celebritynetworth has compiled a list of comics that would do good things to a kid’s college fund.

The top 5 most valuable comics:

  1. Action Comics #1: $1.5 million
  2. Detective Comics #27: $1.38 million
  3. Superman #1: $671,000
  4. All-American Comics #16: $430,000
  5. Detective Comics #1: $405,000

Here’s the entire list of most valuable comics.

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