Airline to Charge Passengers Based on Weight

by Nate Wooley | April 3, 2013 9:16 am

samoa air[1]A small airline in the pacific is starting to charge passengers by the kilogram.

The airline — Samoa Air which began operating in June — is charging international travelers between 93 cents and $1.06 per kilogram, reports ABC News[2].

The weight pricing begins Wednesday for international flights and will vary depending on the destination. Samoa Air has been charging this way since late 2012 but it just received permission from the Dept. of Transportation to begin charging by weight on flights that go between Samoa and American Samoa.

The airline says that the small planes used to fly around the south pacific islands are already weighed and balanced carefully before each flight so extending the idea to charging by weight isn’t a big step. “Planes are run by weight and not by seat, and travelers should be educated on this important issue. The plane can only carry a certain amount of weight and that weight needs to be paid,” says Chris Langton, Samoa Air’s CEO.

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