Kool-Aid Icon Gets Modern Makeover

by Christopher Freeburn | April 16, 2013 12:35 pm

koolaidman[1]Kraft Foods’ (NASDAQ:KFRT[2]) well-known Kool-Aid pitcher-man is changing with the times[3].

The animated figure was introduced in 1954, promoting the brand of sweet powdered drinks to kids. Since then, the figure has received a number of refreshes, the last in 2000, ABC News notes.

Computer-generated graphics have now refined the figure’s image. And he is getting a new voice. A mobile app will debut in June, allowing users to insert the Kool-Aid Man into their own photos and share them with friends.

A Kraft senior brand manager said changes to the pitcher man were meant to give him a more contemporary appearance.

Last year, popular restaurant chain Chuck E. Cheese , owned by CEC Entertainment‘s (NYSE:CEC[4]), updated its iconic rodent mascot, giving him a slimmer look and an electric guitar[5].

Shares of Kraft Foods rose modestly in midday trading on Tuesday.

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