New FedEx Service Lets You Pick Delivery Time

by Nate Wooley | April 25, 2013 10:01 am

New FedEx Service Lets You Pick Delivery Time

fedex truck 630 300x207 New FedEx Service Lets You Pick Delivery Time[1]FedEx (NYSE:FDX[2]) is now offering customers the ability to choose when their packages will be delivered.

The move — seen as a means of competing with a similar service from UPS (NYSE:UPS[3]) called “UPS My Choice” — allows recipients to schedule the time, date and location of deliveries.

The new FedEx Delivery Manager software allows users to track both FedEx Express and FedEx ground packages. Customers can manage the delivery of packages even without a tracking number.

Executives at FedEx say the move comes in response to the growing number of residential deliveries caused by the expansion of online shopping. With more people ordering deliveries from the web, the company needed to ensure a delivery system that was convenient for the recipients.

The new system is available on the web and via mobile app. Customers can be alerted to delivery via email, text or phone.

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