New ‘Incest App’ Warns Icelanders if They’re Related

by Nate Wooley | April 18, 2013 10:43 am

Apps[1]A group of young people in Iceland have developed an app that allows people to know if they’re dating a relative.

The developers — students at the University of Reykjavik — created the Android app for a contest, NBC News reports[2].

Genealogy is very popular in Iceland. The app uses the Islendingabok database — a national registry of family trees in Iceland — to alert people if they’re considering going out with someone who shares a grandparent. All the users need to do is tap phones and, if there’s too close a relation, the app alerts them.

Iceland is a small country with strong family ties. “On average if you pick two people on the street at random you will find they are related 6 or 7 generations back,” Friorik Skulason, the original developer of the database, told NBC News.

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