The $100,000 Windfall That Wasn’t

by Nate Wooley | April 12, 2013 10:43 am

box of money[1]A New York City woman is wondering what happened to the $100,000 she found in her safety deposit box.

Kathleen Ricilgliano of Borough Park discovered the extra cash in her bank box in March, the New York Daily News is reporting[2].

Ricigliano received the keys to the box in early February, wanting a place to store her valuables. When she returned in March to store some items she found the money in her box.

“So inside the private room, I stuck my hand inside the box and I felt all this paper,” Ricigliano says. “I pulled out a roll of paper. It was fat, round, all $100 bills bound with rubber bands.” Ricigliano estimates there was at least $100,000 in the box.

After she alerted the bank, the manager — who had helped Ricigliano open the two-key box — took the box and the money into another room, she says. Ricigliano says she hasn’t seen the cash since, and the manager is refusing to answer questions, choosing to refer all inquiries to the bank’s legal department.

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