The World’s Best-Selling Car for 2012 Is …

Ford sold more than a million of the popular cars last year


Ford Focus ST auto sales Flickr 630 300x200 The Worlds Best Selling Car for 2012 Is ...Bragging rights to having the top-selling car in the world went to Ford (NYSE:F) last year.

The U.S. auto giant says it sold more than 1 million Ford Focus vehicles worldwide in 2012. The compact car beat out Toyota‘s (NYSE:TM) Corolla, a perennial consumer favorite, as the best selling car for a second straight year, according to data from R.L. Polk, the Associated Press noted.

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Focus sales received a strong boost from growing demand in China, which accounted for a quarter of the vehicles total worldwide sales.

However, Toyota noted that some Corolla vehicles are sold under other names, including the Matrix hatchback. Those sales are not included in Polk’s data.

Following the Focus and Corolla in the top five best selling vehicles around the world were Ford’s F-Series pickup, the Wuling Zhiguang, a Chinese minivan, and Toyota’s midsized Camry.

Last month, Ford recalled 230,000 minivans over potentially dangerous rust accumulation in wheel wells.

Shares of Ford rose almost 1% in Monday morning trading, while Toyota fell more than 1%.

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