Wife Claims She Was Duped Out of $770M ‘Dodger’s Money’ in Divorce

by Nate Wooley | April 25, 2013 11:35 am

jamie mccourt[1]The ex-wife of former Dodger’s owner Frank McCourt wants more money.

Jamie McCourt — whose divorce granted her $131 million dollars — says the baseball team was undervalued in the divorce agreement, ABC News reports[2].

McCourt has asked a judge in Los Angeles to revisit the divorce agreement in light of the fact that the team was sold — following the divorce — for $2.15 billion. That is, apparently, significantly more than it was valued at in the divorce paperwork. Since Jamie McCourt was entitled to half of the marital assets, she believes that her ex-husband owes her more money based on the price the team brought. That comes to roughly another $770 million.

The judge is hearing arguments about the case today. Neither Frank nor Jamie McCourt has made any public statements about the revived case.

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