Alaska Air Passenger Tries to Open Door Mid-Flight

by Christopher Freeburn | May 28, 2013 10:40 am

alaska air nyse:alk airline stock[1]Travelers on an Alaska Airlines (ALK[2]) flight had to restrain a fellow passenger[3] as the plane prepared to land on Monday.

The plane, carrying 137 passengers, was beginning its approach to Oregon’s Portland International Airport when Alexander Michael Herrera began saying strange things and tried to pull open the emergency door, ABC News notes.

Other passengers sprang into action, leaping upon the 23-year-old and restraining him. Flight attendants then tied Herrera to a seat to prevent further outbursts.

After the jet landed, Herrera was arrested by the FBI and has been charged with interfering with flight crew operations. Federal officials would not tell ABC News the nature of Herrera’s statements while he attempted to open the door.

The airline indicated that the locking mechanism on the emergency door makes it impossible to open while the plane is in the air.

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