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Ancient Mayan Structure Bulldozed By Road Crew

Pyramid destroyed to make road fill


mayan pyramidAn ancient Mayan pyramid in Belize was destroyed to create fill for a road.

The pyramid — which was built 2,300 years ago — was destroyed by workman with backhoes and bulldozers, CNN reports.

Made of local hand-carved limestone, the demolished bricks are prized for use as filler on local roads. The pyramid sat on private land so police are investigating whether to charge the workers with a crime.

In ancient times, the pyramid was the center of a large city with perhaps 40,000 people. It stood 65 feet high and was surrounded by other buildings and public works.

“This is one of the worst that I have seen in my entire 25 years of archaeology in Belize,” said John Morris, a local archaeologist. “We can’t salvage what has happened out here — it is an incredible display of ignorance.”

Work on the site has been halted after protests were raised. Scientists hope that something can be recovered from the ruins.

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