David Beckham Opening Las Vegas Restaurant With Famous Chef

by Christopher Freeburn | May 29, 2013 10:39 am

davidbeckham[1]There is life after soccer for David Beckham. And it involves a kitchen in Las Vegas[2].

The international soccer star is partnering with British celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay and casino developer Steve Wynn to launch a new restaurant in America’s gambling capital, Marie Clare notes.

By combining Beckham’s global appeal with Ramsay’s already well-established restaurant presence in Las Vegas, the new venture seems poised to gain attention fast — even in a town noted for flashy performances.

The Beckham-Ramsay partnership is already moving to open a restaurant in London.

Earlier this month, Beckham announced that he would retire from soccer at the end of this season[3]. The 38-year-old has played for Manchester United, Real Madrid and the Los Angeles Galaxy, drawing a worldwide audience of adoring fans.

In April, Beckham’s wife Victoria, a former member of the 1990’s U.K. pop group the Spice Girls, announced plans to open her own apparel store in London[4].

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