Former CEO Sues Over Breast-Cancer Firing

by Christopher Freeburn | May 17, 2013 12:15 pm

tuesdaymorningstore[1]Tuesday Morning (TUES[2]) is facing a lawsuit from its former CEO[3]. Despite the news, shares of Tuesday morning rose more than 3% in midday trading on Friday.

Kathleen Mason claims that she deliberately undermined by the discount home decor retailer’s board of directors and ultimately fired shortly after she revealed that she was undergoing treatment for breast cancer, the Associated Press notes.

After she disclosed her condition to the board, Mason says directors began communicating with executives under her management directly, bypassing her. She also claims that a board member made a snide remark about a wig she was wearing to cover hair loss due to the cancer treatment.

She has also filed an action with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, alleging discrimination shortly after she was fired[4] in June of last year.

The company said she had been let go due to weak performance.

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