Jennifer Lopez Opening Cellphone Store Chain

by Alyssa Oursler | May 23, 2013 12:46 pm

Jennifer Lopez Opening Cellphone Store Chain

jlo 252x300 Jennifer Lopez Opening Cellphone Store ChainJennifer Lopez might be known mostly for her days as an entertainer (“Jenny From the Block” ring any bells), but she’s also a businesswoman.

In fact, Lopez already owns a film and television production company, has launched clothing and perfume lines and, now, is planning to open a chain of cellphone resale stores.

The chain of 15 stores will be branded Viva Movil and sell Verizon (VZ[1]) phones and services to Latinos with a “culturally relevant shopping experience.” They will have the same price and plans as regular Verizon stores.

So far, “most attempts to cater to Latinos have focused on low-cost, no-contract service,” as reported[2]. Instead, “Lopez is hitching her business to a company that’s focused on premium, contract-based service, backed by a top-rated wireless network.”

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