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New Ad Accuses Coca-Cola of Killing the Birds

Greenpeace says it fought an Australian recycling program


New Ad Accuses Coca-Cola of Killing the Birds

Coke Coca Cola bottles pop 630 flickr 300x215 New Ad Accuses Coca Cola of Killing the BirdsCoca-Cola (KO) is facing criticism from a new source: a leading global environmentalist organization.

The iconic beverage, which has lately come under fire from anti-obesity advocates, is now the subject of a commercial from Greenpeace that accuses the company of trashing the planet, The Inquisitr notes.

Coke Coca Cola 200x200 New Ad Accuses Coca Cola of Killing the Birds
Coca-Cola Is the New Tobacco

In the ad, Coke drinkers are seen walking along a beach, sipping their favorite beverage. Then the ad darkens, showing the corpses of sea birds who consumed plastic parts from Coke bottles, killing them.

Greenpeace has upbraided Coca-Cola for opposing recycling legislation in Australia that would have placed a deposit on soda bottles. However, after spending $20,000 to air the ad on an Australian TV station, the station yanked the ad, describing it as “offensive.” The station says it has since refunded the money to Greenpeace.

In response to rising pressure from anti-obesity campaigners, Coca-Cola recently announced that it would ensure that diet and low-calorie products were available in all markets it serves and stop marketing to children.

Shares of Coca-Cola fell almost 1% in Friday morning trading.

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