Verizon Wireless to Pay $7B Dividend to Co-Owners

by Christopher Freeburn | May 14, 2013 11:04 am

Verizon Wireless[1]In documents filed with regulators on Monday, Verizon Wireless said it will pay its co-owners a hefty dividend.

The largest U.S. wireless carrier, which is jointly owned by Verizon Communications (NYSE:VZ[2]) and Britain’s Vodafone (NASDAQ:VOD[3]), will pay its stakeholders a $7 billion dividend on June 25. Verizon will receive $3.85 billion. The remaining $3.15 billion will go to Vodafone, Bloomberg notes.

Earlier this year, Verizon executives had signaled that such a dividend might not be paid this year. Verizon owns 55% of Verizon Wireless and has reportedly long been interested in buying Vodafone’s stake in the business[4]. The move was seen as a applying financial pressure to Vodafone to persuade it to sell its stake.

Last month, reports circulated that Verizon was partnering with AT&T (NYSE:T[5]) to launch a $245 billion takeover bid for Vodafone[6]. Under that deal, Verizon would get all of Verizon Wireless and AT&T would purchased Vodafone’s overseas operations.

In 2012, Verizon Wireless paid its owners an $8.5 billion dividend[7].

Shares of Verizon rose fractionally in Tuesday morning trading, while Vodafone fell modestly.

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